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easydriver manoeuvring systems

Developed with great attention to detail, the easydriver active impresses at first glance with its chic design. At the same time it is protected by a special mix of materials and components made of a special high-performance material. External influences, such as splash water or rain, have no chance. With a comfortable 60 mm, the easydriver active has the largest engaging travel. The total length of the unit increases by 10 mm. For extra freedom when mounting, engaging and disengaging. The engaging spindle has been strengthened from 10 to 12 mm in diameter for the larger engaging path. The weight remains unchanged compared to the easydriver basic.

No, both models have the same generous ground clearance.

For assembly on a caravan with one axle we calculate approx. 2-4 hours.

We only offer the warranty extension to 5 years if the assembly was carried out by one of our certified dealers and if the product has been registered online.

The number in the model designation specifies the max. permissible total weight of the caravan. An easydriver pro 2.0 is therefore suitable for a caravan up to max. 2,000 kg. However, we recommend being on the safe side to avoid overloading. For example, for caravans weighing 1,900 kg, we recommend going with the easydriver infinity 2.5 or the easydriver active 2.3.

You can mount our manoeuvring systems before or behind the axle without any problems. Due to the intelligent use of a high-tech material mix, the robust housing will prevent the drive technology from spraying water.

The drives of our easydriver manoeuvring systems contain metallic instead of plastic gear wheels. That may slightly increase the sound level but also makes the gear unit more stable and dependable. In addition, there is a 100% self-locking effect of the drive: It is virtually impossible for the caravan to roll off on its own, even on steep inclines.

A special mix of high-tech materials prevents any type of sustainable corrosion.

Swiveling is the name of the process during which the drive rollers move to the wheels of the caravan or move away from them again.

The easydriver infinity and easydriver pro swivels on and off electronically, easydriver active and easydriver basic using a hand crank or electric screwdriver.

All easydriver manoeuvring systems are available for single axles as well as for tandem axles (except for the easydriver basic). The tandem version power all four wheels and supports them gently on the ground even on curvy roads.

The new electronic system installed in our easydriver manoeuvring systems makes it possible to completely block the inside the wheels and therefore basically turning on the spot. This significantly increases the rotation speed for tandem axles and seriously reduces the strain on the chassis.

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Mobility Power Pack

The MPP enables manoeuvring a caravan of approx. 1,600 kg for approx. 15-20 minutes.

Looking at the capacity (total manoeuvring duration), the MPP is slightly behind conventional batteries but it also provides an enormous reduction in weight. For a total weight of 1,600 kg, manoeuvring for 15-20 minutes is well possible.

The MPP functions as an energy source for all manoeuvring systems currently available on the market. However, the manoeuvring times may vary.

The MPP was conceptualized for fixed installation but can also be easily transported due its low weight.

Our MPP will work with a weight of over two tons just as it does with any lighter caravan. The manoeuvring period is somewhat decreased and might fall below the sensible period of 15-20 minutes. In such a case, we recommend the installation of two MPPs which provides energy to the master and slave of the drive separately.

We do not recommend using the MPP for autonomous supply.

No, a deep discharge protection is not necessary.