Easy Wheel


Double support wheel

Art.-Nr. 537-1000

The pneumatic double jockey wheel: Easydriver Easy Wheel

With our Easydriver Easy Wheel, you decide when it gets adventurous on tour. Because with our double jockey wheel with pneumatic tyres, manoeuvring on soft, sandy and uneven ground is simply carefree. So you can enjoy your holiday without any hurdles, in any place!

The assembly is as simple as the principle:

Attach the Easy Wheel wheels to the left and right on the supplied axle, insert the enclosed washers if necessary and finally fix them with the supplied spring clips. That's it. Off you go!

For easy manoeuvring on any surface:
  • easier to  manoeuvre
  • more convenient handling
  • quick assembly
  • gentler on manoeuvring device and battery
  • Relieving the load and stress on the caravan chassis
  • Suitable for all drawbar wheels
  • Strong alternative to the conventional jockey wheel
  • enlarged bearing surface

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