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Electrical supply package

Art.-Nr. 526-2080

Mobility Power Pack: The lithium-ion power pack for your home on wheels

The Mobility Power Pack is an indispensable companion for anyone who needs a reliable power source when travelling on wheels. Perfectly combined with our manoeuvring device, you always have enough power for your journey.

The perfect combination: the MPP and the Easydriver manoeuvring device

The MPP is a lightweight power alternative for the lead-acid battery charger combinations used up to now - especially in combination with manoeuvring devices. In combination with our Easydriver Infinity 2.5, it weighs just 31 kg. Depending on the situation, a 1,600 kg caravan can be manoeuvred with the duo for 15 to 20 minutes with high performance and millimetre precision.

Lighter. Not weaker.
  • Lightweight of only 2 kg
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly 
  • quickly rechargeable 
  • energy-charged
  • transport-safe according to UN standard 
Max. charging current


Temperature range for operation

-10°C to 50°C °C

Temperature range for storage

-20°C to 40 °C

Stored energy

113 Wh

Output voltage

12 V nominal (14,4 V max.)


192 x 181 x 109 mm


2,2 Kg


8,8 Ah

Permanent load

80 A

Charging cycles

ca. 2000

Battery type

Li-ion, LiFeP04


Filename: Bedienungsanleitung MPP

Format: pdf

Size: 539 KB

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