Get your easydriver 5 year warranty now.

Our free warranty extension provides a whole new dimension of carefree camping holidays: If the purchase and installation have been carried out at a REICH service partner, we will extend the regular warranty period of your easydriver manoeuvring drive from 2 years to a total of 5 years. Registration is required no later than 4 weeks after purchase.

Really simple: Our easyBot guides you step by step through the registration process. If there are any uncertainties, our easyBot automatically creates a service ticket and our service team will get back to you shortly.

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail - and thus a total of 5 years warranty on your easydriver shunting drive.
Further information on the legal conditions of registration can be found under the following links:

TO THE REICH WARRANTY CONDITIONS To the data protection declaration for product registration

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