Get your easydriver 5 year warranty now.

easydriver warranty

5 times to the ocean or 5 times to the mountains? No matter where you prefer to enjoy your yearly caravan tours - we will provide you with 5 years of warranty* on your easydriver manoeuvring system.

It could not be easier: Simply register your easydriver manoeuvring system within weeks after purchasing it. If you purchased and assembled your manoeuvring system at a REICH service station, just fill out the form below.

And we will provide you with 5 years of warranty starting from the date of purchase. After having reviewed your form, your will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

Have fun on your trips and safe travels!

You can find the sticker with the serial number at the following places:

  • General operating licence
  • Electronic box
  • Both engines
  • Cardboards

The easydriver serial number is easily found in the image at the spot marked in green.