easydriver flashlight

Manoeuvring, loading and unloading are now safer for early risers and everyone who reaches their holiday destination in the evening hours following a long journey. With our new easydriver flashlight hazard warning light system your caravan will be seen in a new light. Daylight is fading to dusk, or perhaps darkness has already fallen, and you’re manoeuvring your caravan on the road and turning into your driveway or garage entrance. Under such conditions an unlit caravan, which may also be positioned across the road, can be really difficult to see. For greater safety you can now very easily retrofit your caravan with the easydriver flashlight.

Better protection in the dark with a constant or flashing light

Our newly developed hazard warning light system uses the existing lighting system of your caravan. Its bright flashing signals make the parking/manoeuvring caravan easily visible to other drivers in the hours of darkness. The additional all-round clearance lights, which can be turned on via the easydriver flashlight, ensure even greater visible protection.

External energy source, simple control

  • Power comes from the manoeuvring aid’s battery or an internal power source. In situations where it really matters the easydriver flashlight is fully autonomous – without having to connect it to your car.
  • Hazard warning lights, all-round clearance lights or both together can be turned on and off via the separate control box.

With the easydriver flashlight everything stays relaxed, even during your next "journey into the dark". That's for sure. Safe travels!

Simply and quickly explained in our video: