5 tips for sustainable travel on wheels

Whether close to the sea or surrounded by fresh mountain air - do you prefer to spend your free time in the middle of nature? This makes it all the more important to pay attention to sustainability and protect the environment. For those who will soon be setting off on their next camping adventure with their caravan or motorhome, we have put together five tips to help you make your travels on wheels more sustainable.

1. You can already do something for the environment when packing and loading your mobile travel companion: to minimize fuel consumption during the journey, you should load your home on wheels with as little weight as possible. With our Caravan Weight Control vehicle scales, you can determine the total weight of your caravan or motorhome and avoid overloading. The right/left distribution can also be easily checked with the handy scales - for a stable and safe journey. So you can start your vacation balanced and at the ideal weight.

By the way: We have put together a checklist with the most important must-haves so that you can confidently leave unnecessary luggage at home on your next camping adventure: >> Download checklist now! (German) <<

2. Drive with optimal tire pressure, because this not only reduces rolling resistance, but also fuel consumption in the long term. Our easydriver safetyre control system also checks your caravan's tire pressure while driving.

3. Finally arrived at the adventure! You can also act sustainably during your stay at the campsite by using resources consciously and not letting the water run unnecessarily long, for example.

4. When taking shampoos and soaps with you, but also when using cleaning products, you should pay attention to environmentally friendly products.

Did you know? Our easydriver myclean®home care set is nasty to dirt and bacteria, but kind to the environment.

5. Recycling waste is not only a big issue at home, but also when traveling. Even on a camping vacation, you should make sure to avoid waste as much as possible and to separate the waste correctly.

If you have purchased and installed your manoeuvring device at a REICH service centre, you can be sure of a 5-year guarantee on your manoeuvring device.

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