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For a brilliant holiday: cleaning and care set myclean®home

Thanks to our Easydriver myclean®home cleaning and care set, you have everything you need for a fresh start to your next caravanning adventure and to chase away stowaways like dirt and bacteria from your home on wheels.

Included in the myclean®home luggage:

2 x 500 ml bottles of intensive cleaner for your caravan or motorhome

When dirt has really made itself at home, you need the big guns. Our intensive cleaner and care product for white plastic surfaces, such as doors or roller shutters, as well as surfaces made of hard PVC, completely banishes the dirt. All that is left behind is a pleasant fresh scent, a protective coating that seals surfaces and has an antistatic effect, as well as an invisible sunscreen that protects your leisure vehicle from fading due to UV rays.

1 x 100 ml bottle of Rubber care for supple seals

Always stay supple when travelling with the rubber care product that makes dried-out seals on windows and doors fit again. The rubber care product forms a highly elastic film on elastomers such as APTK and EPDM. This keeps seals elastic, moisture-repellent and simply supple.

1 x 250 ml bottle of acrylic glass cleaner for perfect vision

The acrylic glass cleaner ensures sparkling glass surfaces without stress cracks. One wipe gives a full gloss effect.

2 x cleaning clothes

The cleaners remove the dirt and bacteria, but kind to the environment and skin. Replenishment is easily available: The intensive cleaner, the acrylic glass cleaner as well as the rubber care product can also be purchased individually.