easydriver Easy Wheel

Your perfect pitch is close to the sea? Or at the edge of an idyllic reed bed? And you’re never put off by a bit of rain? On a sandy, muddy surface, though, manoeuvring your caravan can be more of an adventure than you bargained for. And your valuable holiday time begins with the support wheel dug into the ground. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a helpful neighbor on the next pitch to give you a hand. And if you have a manoeuvring system on board, it will also have to work extra hard. That means the battery will also use up more energy.

Make it easier on yourself. We’ve developed a clever solution to help you: the easydriver Easy Wheel dual jockey wheel with pneumatic tires. Unlike the standard support wheel, Easy Wheel helps you to maneuver your caravan safely even on soft, sandy and uneven ground. The increased contact surface makes the drawbar much easier to move. From now on, that means there is nothing in the way of you enjoying your holiday, wherever you’re pitched.

Assembly is as easy as the principle: fix the wheels of the Easy Wheel on the left and right onto the axle supplied, if necessary using the accompanying shims, and then fix in place with the quick release pin supplied. Job done. And your holiday can begin!

easydriver Easy Wheel:

  • Easy manoeuvring
  • Easier handling
  • Fast assembly
  • Gentler on your manoeuvring system and battery
  • Eases the load on the caravan chassis
  • Suitable for all jockey wheels
  • Strong alternative to conventional support wheel

easydriver Easy Wheel lets you decide when the adventure begins.