easydriver myclean®tank:
A refreshing start

Finally it’s time to get back in the holiday mood with your mobile travel companion! Now to freshen up your caravan and motorhome and set off for your next trip!

We have developed a clever solution to ensure that your enjoyment is not spoiled by dirty pipes and grubby water: our easydriver myclean®tank water system cleaner. After all, clean water for cooking and washing crockery is an absolute must and an essential part of your holiday. So: revive those tired pipes. And instead of being busy scrubbing, you can relax and look forward to your holiday because myclean®tank will do the work for you!

It’s simple:

Empty the fresh water tank, add 0.5 l of myclean®tank cleaning agent and then top up with water. Then it’s time to let the water do its thing – turn on all the water taps and water appliances. When the water flowing from the pipes is blue, turn everything off again and leave to take effect:

  • 25 l tank – 1 hour
  • 50 l tank – 2 hours
  • 75 l tank – 3 hours
  • 100 l tank – 4 hours

In the case of heavily soiled tanks, the cleaning agent can be left to take effect overnight.

After the agent has taken effect, it’s time for the rinsing. To do this, turn on all the water taps and water appliances again and let the tank empty completely. Then rinse the water tank thoroughly and refill with fresh water. Turn on all of the water appliances and if there is no blue water coming out, you’re ready to go! A little tip for an easy colour check: full a glass with water and stand on a sheet of white paper – this makes it easier to see the colour.

A refreshing start to your next holiday with myclean®tank:

  • 1 l cleaning agent for your caravan or motorhome
  • 3% stable hydrogen peroxide reliably removes any soiling and deposits
  • suitable for fresh water tanks, valves, pumps and wastewater tanks

Now the best time of the year can begin – fresh and clean!