All in one: myCaravaning App

Having the free easydriver myCaravaning app in your pocket puts all the important control and monitoring functions at your fingertips. You can share your experiences with everyone else, exchange ideas and rise to the ranks of a true camping professional in the extensive caravanning network. The valuable features offered by our vehicle and weather world will help you along the way. So what are you waiting for?

You can now put plenty of extra app functions in your holiday bag along with your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS):

  • With easydriver control, tyre pressure monitoring system, spirit level function, 14-day weather forecast and sun alignment feature.
  • Multiple vehicle profiles can be selected, irrespective of whether caravan or motorhome.
  • Connection to the Electronic Stabilization System (ETS Plus) to combat swaying movements.
  • Practical easydriver dealer and service partner search.
  • Access to the caravanning network with a digital map, including location recommendations and comment function.
  • Statistics, rankings and an active point collection system.
  • Free of charge for Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Android. 
  • To control the easydriver manoeuvring device via the app an additional app controller is necessary (included as standard with easydriver infinity).
  • Software update required for easydriver models prior to 2015.