Caravan Weight Control (Orange)

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Caravan scale

Art.-Nr. 522-1600

Caravan Weight Control vehicle scales - for a balanced journey!

Thanks to our mobile Caravan Weight Control scale, you can easily determine the total weight and the right-left distribution across the axle of your leisure vehicle and prevent dangerous swaying. Now you can go on holiday at your ideal weight!

Three measuring programmes can be set:
  • Caravan with one axle and jockey wheel
  • Caravan with twin axle and jockey wheel
  • Motorhome
CWC comes in two different variants:
  • The yellow scale is suitable for trailers, caravans and smaller motorhomes up to a maximum load of 1,000 kg per wheel.
  • The orange scale is suitable for heavier trailers, caravans and larger motorhomes up to a maximum load of 1,500 kg per wheel.
And it's as simple as that: 

For an accurate result, the CWC should be placed on a firm, level and clean surface. The scale has a small deviation of approx. 3 %. For an exact weight reading, you should therefore weigh your trailer three times. The average of the three different results is then very precise.

Possible weight deviation

< 3 %

Max. bearing load per wheel

1.500 kg

Support wheel load

100 kg

Battery type

3 x 1,5 V Alkaline Type AAA


360 x 70 x 45 mm