Twice honoured: safe manoeuvring with the easydriver flashlight

Manoeuvring a caravan in the dark or twilight hours makes many people feel quite nervous. An unlit caravan is very difficult to see, especially when manoeuvring on the road. This can lead to dangerous situations.

To ensure you are safer on the road in such circumstances, we have developed the easydriver flashlight caravan hazard warning light system. This is very easy to retrofit because it utilises the existing lighting circuit of the caravan. Its bright flashing signals bring light into the darkness and render the caravan easily visible to other road users during parking or manoeuvring. The all-round lights, which can also be turned on with the easydriver flashlight, ensure even greater visibility.

Thanks to its innovative technology and enhanced safety, our easydriver flashlight received the DCC Award in November 2019. At the CMT Holiday Exhibition in Stuttgart our hazard warning light system has now also taken the European Innovation Award 2020 in the category 'Safety'. We are extremely pleased to have received the second award in succession!

You can find everything about the easydriver flashlight here.

If you have purchased and installed your manoeuvring device at a REICH service centre, you can be sure of a 5-year guarantee on your manoeuvring device.

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