Tips for winterising Taps

Your caravan water system needs draining down before the first frost of winter occurs.

Your drain down should include the following procedure:

Isolate the 12V feed to your water pump if it an onboard pump. If it is a submersible pump that goes into an aqua-roll container outside the caravan, then just disconnect the pump shake off any excess water and store somewhere safe.

Open the drain tap in your water system, this is situated near the water heater or central heating system and is often found in a bedding locker. Normally all that this entails is lifting the handle from the horizontal to the vertical position on a valve. This then allows water to drain underneath the caravan.

At this point you should open all the taps in the caravan to allow air into the system which lets gravity take its course to empty the pipework. Most caravans have 3 taps, the kitchen sink, the hand basin in the toilet and the shower.

As most taps are mixer units then it is imperative that the lever is centralised and lifted. This will allow both the hot and cold channels in the body of the tap to drain completely. If you do not centralise the lever then water can remain in the body of the tap. This if frozen can result in the worst-case scenario of the tap requiring replacing. In less extreme cases repairs can be carried out.

On the shower as well as putting the lever in the correct position we recommend that you take the shower head off its bracket and place it at low level in the shower tray. Alternatively, you can unscrew the shower hose directly from the tap. This is to prevent the shower hose forming a “U” bend and trapping water which in turn will prevent a complete drain down. 

Using these simple measures should prevent frost damage and reduce the risk of water leaks inside your caravan when filling the system at the start of your caravanning year. 

“U” bend in shower tap will prevent tap draining correctly.

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