5 tips: Camping adventures in winter

The winter months are coming sooner than expected and with them - the sub-zero temperatures. For some, this means the end of the vacation season, while others set off on an icy adventure with their mobile home. 

We'll show you how to be optimally prepared for your next winter vacation with your mobile travel companion, even in the colder months:

1. To keep the humidity in the vehicle to a minimum, a suitable awning, which can be practically divided into clean and dirty zones, is certainly an advantage. It is also an ideal heat trap in the entrance area. You should not forget to air your home on wheels regularly. This will prevent too much moist air from collecting.

2. To keep it cozy and warm: It's best to pack a second gas cylinder as a reserve, as consumption is significantly higher in winter. To determine the gas content conveniently and in a matter of seconds, you can use our GIM mobile gas content meter, for example.

3. The on-board batteries of self-sufficient caravans lose capacity in cold weather. Power reserves should be used as fully as possible. Connect the vehicle to 230 volts a few days before the trip. True connoisseurs disconnect the connection once in between to initiate a new charging cycle.

4. For more safety on tour: winter tires and snow chains stabilize your mobile travel companion when braking and cornering, so that you can enjoy the winter time carefree. 

5. Last but not least: Before driving home, the caravan should of course be completely cleared of snow and ice so as not to endanger other road users.

Did you know? Road salt, wet and cold are no problem for our easydriver maneuvring drives. The unique high-tech material mix ensures reliable corrosion protection. 

So: Free time ahead and have fun on your next winter vacation on wheels!


If you have purchased and installed your manoeuvring device at a REICH service centre, you can be sure of a 5-year guarantee on your manoeuvring device.

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