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On the road: carefree, not pressure-free

easydriver safetyre – the safe control system for your tyre pressure

Safe on the road with the caravan or motorhome

Packed and ready to go on holiday with the caravan or motorhome. You will of course give your vehicle a quick check before you set off. Everything is fine, and even the tread depth of your tyres is still pretty good after all these years. But often there is a gaping chasm between appearance and reality. Tyres and carcasses age, for example as a result of sun exposure and static load, and this may not be obvious at first glance. While you drive, air escapes without you noticing and the pressure drops, the contact area gets bigger and increased flexing further heats up the tyre. In the worst case, the tyre bursts.

To make sure that you and all your travel companions can enjoy a carefree holiday, we have developed easydriver safetyre, the tyre pressure control system for caravans and motorhomes. Together with the new free Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver app, which has many useful extra features, you can always keep an eye on tyre pressure while on the road. 

Safety can be that simple.
You put the easydriver safetyre sensors on the valve (we recommend metal valves) instead of the standard caps. You then connect them to the easydriver app on the smartphone by scanning the QR code on the sensor. That’s it. If the tyre pressure drops while you’re driving, the control system warns you before something happens. And you can start your holiday safely and worry-free. 

easydriver tip: If you take the free Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver app for smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) with you on holiday, you will also benefit from a sun alignment feature with sun position display, 14-day weather forecast, a spirit level feature and our handy dealer and service partner search function. And of course your Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver active or Opens internal link in current windowpro can also be controlled using the new Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver app, which helps you manoeuvre your caravan. The controller upgrade for the app is available from your specialist dealer. Via the smartphone display you transmit the commands to the easydriver manoeuvring assistant via the app controller using Bluetooth.

easydriver safetyre for carefree travel: 

  • Tyre pressure monitoring for caravans and motorhomes
  • Warns you if you go below a specifiable minimum pressure
  • Plus easydriver app with many additional features (for Android and iOS)
  • Bluetooth data transmission
  • Theft protection: can only be removed using the special key it comes shipped with
  • Replaceable battery
  • Optimum tyre pressure means you use less fuel, there is less wear and tear and you’re safer on the road
  • Each set includes 2 sensors (RRP: 99 euros).

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