Holiday, infinitely simple.

With greater power to your destination with the infinity

Progress makes things easier, so caravaning with the easydriver infinity and its award-winning intuitively simple operation becomes easier than ever. Thanks to the clever interface with the easydriver app, your caravan can be easily manoeuvred over the last few metres onto its position.

Our manoeuvring revolution

  • a clear enhancement of the already prize-winning design
  • significantly better efficiency thanks to 30% more efficient transmission and optimized motor
  • the complete mechanics are optimally sealed and therefore protected against water ingress
  • easier installation in the shortest time
  • maximum installation flexibility thanks to the tyre-free concept (free positioning of the roller on the tyre) in conjunction with the longest yet engaging path of 70 mm
  • includes app controller as standard
  • provides you with key operating data in real-time (e.g. incline, battery status, etc.)
  • manoeuvring device for any use
  • award-winning intuitively simple easydriver operation (even if it is difficult or steep)
  • best traction for safety on inclines, wet grass, mud and rough terrain
  • smallest turning circle
  • softstart and softstop
  • automatic engaging and disengaging
  • zero to minimal loss of ground clearance (depending upon the chassis type)


maximum installation flexibility thanks to the tyre-free concept significantly better efficiency - 30% more efficient transmission + optimized motor the complete mechanics are optimally sealed and protected against water ingress

Technical data

  infinity 2.5
item number 527-15525
weight ca. 29 kg
climbing ability * 15%
bei 2.500 kg

bei 1.200 kg
Single-side operation automatic
power consumption on straight road approx. 18 A
Comes with remote control / app control as standard ✓ / ✓
warranty ** 5 years

* For short-time strains, larger inclines (ramp up to 25% or pavement) are easily achieved.

**In accordance with REICH warranty conditions

Comfortably on the road with your easydriver manoeuvring system. If you purchase and have the assembly done at a REICH service station, you are eligible for 5 years of warranty.

New countries and adventures waiting to be experienced are calling to you from afar. We provide service across Europe, so that you can comfortably rely on your easydriver manoeuvring system anywhere.

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