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easydriver basic. The dream of a single axle.

Ease into any space while on tour.

With precision - especially in tight spaces.

Finally there. Now time to quickly find the perfect place for the caravan. No big deal with the easydriver basic. This powerful helper moves caravans effortlessly to the right place. And to top it all off: The easydriver basic is not only outrageously great at what it does but also wonderfully price-conscious. You will save in every way - effort and time, but certainly not comfort.

The shooting star for simple manoeuvring - easydriver basic.
Simply strong:

  • even in tight spaces, manoeuvring to the fraction of an inch without worries
  • unique and powerful due to patented technology
  • simple use of hand crank or electric screwdriver for swiveling
  • excellent power transmission from the roll to the tire thanks to large swivel path and special drive roll surface
  • safe and gentle push-on of the tires
  • modern design: compact and yet beautiful
  • The unique mixture of special high-tech materials turns the easydriver manoeuvring system into a lightweight and prevents rust
  • High-quality slide bearings for perfect easydriver swiveling mechanism
  • easy docking
  • optimal ground clearance
  • "This one is mine!" The easydriver in your favorite color***.
  • service across Europe
  • innovating control with secure return message of drive unit
  • winner of the "Red Dot Award": Product Design" and the "Plus X Award: Best Product of the Year" as well as of awards for innovation, high quality, design, operational comfort and functionality
Safe transmission of power from drive roller to tyre Mixed high-tech-materials prevent corrosion eeasydriver cover in your favourite colour ***

The perfect duo

easydriver meets smart control

Surely your smartphone will accompany you on your holidays. That's perfect because our easydriver app for comfortable manoeuvring enables you to move your caravan with your fingertips.

The control commands are transmitted from your smartphone to the easydriver manoeuvring system via bluetooth. The smart app is free and requires the app controller as an upgrade from your local dealer.

For the models easydriver active, easydriver basic and easydriver pro from 2016, the smart touring companion is available everywhere. And of course you can also control easydriver manoeuvring systems manufactured prior to 2016 with the easydriver app. In addition to the easydriver app and the app controller, you will simply need to carry out a software update of the electronics box. This way, your next holiday will be "appsolutely" perfect.

YouTube videos:

Simple manoeuvring in action!

Manoeuvring on steep grass

Effortless manoeuvring, even with steep inclines and on rough terrain. Stay relaxed with easydriver.

Rangieren bei 15 Prozent Steigung

Mit dem easydriver pro, active oder basic rangiert Ihr eure mobilen Gefährten ganz sicher über jedes Gelände – auch bei steilem Untergrund.

360°-Drehung auf der Stelle

Ihre Caravan-Freiheit: 360°-Drehungen auf der Stelle für einfaches Rangieren auf engstem Raum.

easydriver Fernbedienung - Einfach rangieren und Warnhinweise direkt erkennen

Mit unserer Fernbedienung behaltet Ihr immer alle easydriver-Funktionen unter Kontrolle – ganz sicher und intuitiv.

Manoeuvring on a ramp

Is manoeuvring on ramps a strenuous affair for you? Not with the help of easydriver...

Swiveling , turning, manoeuvring

Swiveling , turning on the spot, manoeuvring: Moving something this big has never been so easy!

Millimetergenaues Ankuppeln

Unser Ei-Test zeigt: Die easydriver Rangierhilfen sind nicht nur stark, sondern auch präzise. Millimetergenaues ankuppeln war nie einfacher.

Rangieren über eine Bordsteinkante

Unsere easydriver Rangierhilfen bringen Euer mobiles Zuhause ganz einfach über jede Bordsteinkante.

360° rotation on the spot

Your caravan freedom: 360° rotation on the spot for simple manoeuvring without much room.

easydriver basic 1.8 / 2.3

Technical data

  basic 1.8 basic 2.3
item number 527-15118 527-15123
weight approx. 31 kg approx. 33 kg
climbing ability* 15% at 1.800 kg 15% at 2.300 kg
  28% at 1.200 kg 30% at 1.200 kg
Single-side operation manual manual
power consumption on straight road approx. 20 A approx. 25 A
warranty ** 5 years 5 years
color selection possible no yes ***

Comfortably on the road with your easydriver manoeuvring system. If you purchase and have the assembly done at a REICH service station, you are eligible for 5 years of warranty.

New countries and adventures waiting to be experienced are calling to you from afar. We provide service across Europe, so that you can comfortably rely on your easydriver manoeuvring system anywhere.

* For short-time strains, larger inclines (ramp up to 25% or pavement) are easily achieved.
**I n accordance with REICH warranty conditions
*** Available for models 2.3 / 3.1. Additional cost may apply for assembly of the color cover. Please contact your local dealer.

easydriver product brochure

easydriver product flyer

Instruction-manual easydriver app-controller

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