Turn corners easily, relax quickly.

Manoeuvring made easy with the easydriver active.

Take it easy when you are on holiday

You have finally arrived at your adventure destination! Now, the only thing missing for perfect holiday bliss is the correct parking position for your caravan, which is child’s play with the new easydriver active. Your chic, powerful helper manoeuvres your caravan effortlessly into position. And the cool thing is that the easydriver active now comes with a strong, compact-designed housing, and is now much more slender than its predecessor, the easydriver basic. The new shell gives it not only an incredibly stylish cover, but also makes it strong against corrosion, because the very resistant high-tech material doesn't give water spray a chance.

Your powerhouse for easy manoeuvring – the easydriver active.

  • easy, carefree manoeuvring – accurate down to the millimetre, even in tight spaces
  • very reliable and effortless pressure on the tires thanks to swivelling it on and off smoothly with a brace. Not much force required. Simply put the hand brace or cordless screwdriver on one side and away you go
  • unique swivelling mechanism and optimum, secure power transfer from the roller to the tires
  • large swivelling path for maximum flexibility during the installation
  • extremely powerful thanks to the patented technology
  • it is lightweight due to the unique, high-tech material mix
  • strongly designed housing protects optimally against corrosion
  • more grip for more powerful, reliable manoeuvring – even on inclines, wet grass, mud or rough terrain
  • easy hitching
  • optimum ground clearance
  • award-winning, intuitively easy easydriver operation – even if it is difficult or steep
  • includes radio remote control for all functions with feedback of the device’s status
  • European-wide service
Mixed high-tech-materials prevent corrosion Innovative surface

Technical data

  active 2.0 active 2.3
item number 527-15320 527-15323
weight approx. 33 kg approx. 35 kg
climbing ability* 15%
at 2.000 kg

at 1.200 kg
at 2.300 kg

at 1.200 kg
Single-side operation manual manual
power consumption on straight road approx. 20 A approx. 25 A
Comes with remote control / app control as standard ✓ / x *** ✓ / x ***
warranty ** 5 years 5 years

* For short-time strains, larger inclines (ramp up to 25% or pavement) are easily achieved.
** In accordance with REICH warranty conditions
*** App controller available as an option

Comfortably on the road with your easydriver manoeuvring system. If you purchase and have the assembly done at a REICH service station, you are eligible for 5 years of warranty.

New countries and adventures waiting to be experienced are calling to you from afar. We provide service across Europe, so that you can comfortably rely on your easydriver manoeuvring system anywhere.

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Operating instructions easydriver active 2.0 / 2.3