easydriver myfresh®tank:
Lasting freshness for tank and pipes

The new easydriver myfresh®tank microbiological waste water tank freshener ensures greater freshness in your home on wheels. It keeps the tank and pipes clean on a lasting basis by effectively preventing dirt and grease deposits and neutralising odours. This lets you take a deep breath while on holiday and enjoy the perfect holiday atmosphere.

The environmentally friendly solution for a fresh waste water tank

Every owner of a caravan or motorhome is familiar with the unpleasant smell of musty grey water. Despite regular emptying of the waste water tank, this odour can linger in the tank. The smell is caused by the combination of soap suds, food residues and grease that sticks to the inner walls of the pipes. Easydriver myfresh®tank contains natural microorganisms that break down even stubborn contamination. The deposits dissolve and the foul odours disappear. The tank and the pipes remain clean.

It’s easy to use: You only need 10 ml of myfresh®tank per 10 litres of tank capacity. One bottle will therefore last for many applications. The biodegradable tank freshener is poured directly into the drain of the washbasin and shower. The cleaning process is completed following a brief treatment time. 

Its unique feature: The environmentally-friendly solution contains only natural ingredients that not only protect the pipes but are also harmless to humans and the environment. As a result, the waste water system is thoroughly refreshed with easydriver myfresh®tank and you can enjoy your holiday in your home on wheels to the fullest.