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Our philosophy:

Just enjoy your holidays.

Timeout - something we all need every once in a while. A break from every-day life, a change of scenery, a great adventure. Going into the unknown and take the big trip. Timeout is time free.

And time free for us camping fans always means starting a new wonderful holiday adventure with the caravan.

On the road and yet at home

Home is where the heart is.

Your caravan can be your home on wheels while you are on the road. There is nothing like having breakfast in front of the caravan while enjoying the mountain calm or listening to the murmur of the sea. Beautiful moments which make holidays wonderful. We help you to stay relaxed from start to finish.

"Part of the holidays is manoeuvring the caravan. And since holiday time is precious time, this should be done quickly and without much effort." - Steffen Bender, REICH

We do our best to make your holidays with your caravan as relaxed as possible. At our REICH factory, we develop extraordinary easydriver ideas, like our manoeuvring systems which are a perfect fit for your caravan.

"Technology is always supposed to simplify your life. With the easydriver pro, active and basic, we have certainly achieved this goal." - Armin Schaab, REICH

easydriver is the new caravan freedomand helps you move the big stuff simply and with precision - using our manoeuvring system for single and tandem axles. It will help you fit your caravan into any space. Arrive with  relaxation and look forward to everything still left to experience and discover.

Simply free. Look forward to it - with easydriver.
See you around!