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We just wanted to let you know

Our new easydriver system was received rather well as we could perceive at the Caravan Salon 2014 when many people visiting our booth had a lot of very interesting questions about our new manoeuvring device series. Again, we would like to say thanks to all caravanning enthusiasts, travelers, easydriver fans and test drivers out there.

“Everybody wants to have a smooth and relaxing vacation.“


Ok, the easydriver is a compact and rather smart system. So are others. But is there anything else that makes the system so much better than the others?This was one of the questions we heard all the time. Therefore, let us give you a brief summary.

Apart from the electronic control system, we added the following enhancements:

  • Remote – easy to use and with a significant increase in range
  • Motors – less weight and more power
  • Gearbox – more efficient
  • Corrosion protection – galvanizing and powder coating in addition to the protective housing
  • High-tech materials used – less weight and longer service life

With our new easydriver series the manoeuvring of tandem axle vehicles is much easier as well.  For that purpose we developed the easydriver pro and easydriver basic models for a powerful movement on all four wheels. Safe and reliable for easy manoeuvring even on steep inclines.

Turning on the spot

You may now turn your big caravan around the tightest corners.
All our new easydriver models for tandem axle vehicles are equipped with the new easydriver control system. Even the heaviest caravans will move smoothly around the tightest corners without damaging the surface the vehicles is rolling on. And when time is an issue, you may even turn your vehicle on the spot. Powerful and simple for any possible application.

“And what about tandem axle vehicles?“

Loads on the chassis were reduced significantly
To turn your vehicle on the spot, normally, some of the wheels would have to move forward while the rest would have to move in the opposite direction at the same time. Our new easydriver takes a different approach stopping the inner wheels from turning, thus providing for a rotation on the spot.  Benefit: the stress on the chassis is reduced significantly. Safe and simple.

More questions?

Just call us!
You will find this information also on our easydriver facebook page.

The perfect duo

easydriver meets smart control

Surely your smartphone will accompany you on your holidays. That's perfect because our easydriver app for comfortable manoeuvring enables you to move your caravan with your fingertips.

The control commands are transmitted from your smartphone to the easydriver manoeuvring system via bluetooth. The smart app is free and requires the app controller as an upgrade from your local dealer.

For the models easydriver active, easydriver basic and easydriver pro from 2016, the smart touring companion is available everywhere. And of course you can also control easydriver manoeuvring systems manufactured prior to 2016 with the easydriver app. In addition to the easydriver app and the app controller, you will simply need to carry out a software update of the electronics box. This way, your next holiday will be "appsolutely" perfect.

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