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Caravan Salon 2014: our easydriver is the attraction to see

“My color – so nice!” At the Caravan Salon 2014 in Düsseldorf our new easydriver manoeuvring drive is turning heads.

The clever features the system uses to make camping an easy fun and the smart and compact design are a sight to behold.
The first visitors to visit our booth were rather surprised to find out that some of our easydriver models (pro/basic 2,3/ 3,1) come with a personal note, if desired.

In my favorite color

Those who own a real easydriver in the near future may select a housing element in their favorite color. Choose between loud pink, bright yellow, cheerful orange and lush turquoise.
In any case, all our easydrivers have one thing in common: they do not only look fabulous, they also set new records in the weight department.


A light-weight champion

In combination with Li-Ion System Mobility Power Pack, replacing battery and charger, our latest manoeuvring drive weighs up to 27 kg less than any comparable system. Beat that! To make your holidays even more agreeable.

See you on the road – or at the Caravan Salon: just drop by at our REICH booth – hall 13 / A47.

The perfect duo

easydriver meets smart control

Surely your smartphone will accompany you on your holidays. That's perfect because our easydriver app for comfortable manoeuvring enables you to move your caravan with your fingertips.

The control commands are transmitted from your smartphone to the easydriver manoeuvring system via bluetooth. The smart app is free and requires the app controller as an upgrade from your local dealer.

For the models easydriver active, easydriver basic and easydriver pro from 2016, the smart touring companion is available everywhere. And of course you can also control easydriver manoeuvring systems manufactured prior to 2016 with the easydriver app. In addition to the easydriver app and the app controller, you will simply need to carry out a software update of the electronics box. This way, your next holiday will be "appsolutely" perfect.

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