With form and function against corrosion

You may always rely on your easydriver. Which is a good thing. For us, continuity is a must, although it might not be granted when it comes to the issue of corrosion. Those who take a closer look beyond the housing of your average manoeuvring drive will quickly come up against a major problem: corrosion.

“I will be able to enjoy the benefits much longer”.

For these housings will only cover up the damage. Instead, with their rather clever combination of form and function our Opens internal link in current windowpro and Opens internal link in current windowbasic model manoeuvring drives offer a protection against corrosion that is unique for our easydriver system. The intelligent use of a special mix of materials will preserve the special plastics solid housing and thus the ‘inner’ values of our solid drive technology.

Very simple, really. With lasting effect. And in five years from now you may still rely on your easydriver. As reliable as on the first day of your vacation.

Unique engaging mechanism

For instance, with the reduced clearance swiveling pilot for an ideal conversion of power. The unique engaging mechanism is running in high-performance sliding bearings.

The expanded swiveling travel for a perfect contact between roller and tyre is just another benefit for an easy and relaxed camping vacation.

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