Two move better than one



You’ve arrived safely. Now to quickly move the caravan into position ... and then the support wheel goes and digs itself into the soft ground when you’re manoeuvring. Just what you need. So that you can maneuver your caravan without breaking into a sweat and enjoy your holiday, we have developed the easydriver Easy Wheel. Our dual jockey wheel with pneumatic tires increases the contact surface for your caravan on soft, sandy and uneven ground and makes manoeuvring safe and easy. That’s good for your stress levels, and it prevents nasty ground damage.

Quick to fix and doubly safe

In no time at all you can swap the conventional support wheel for the easydriver Easy Wheel. You simply remove one pin from the old standard support wheel and pull out the axle. Now slide the Easy Wheel's first wheel onto the new axle with the valve facing outwards and fit the supplied quick release pin. Also use the supplied shims if necessary, push in the axle and fix the second wheel in place with the quick release pin – job done!

If there’s not enough space from the frame when you wind the support up, the practical quick release pin makes the Easy Wheel's two wheels super easy to detach. And, depending on size, you can even leave the old wheel in the middle as well. That makes for a super stress-free start to your holiday. Have fun!

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