Simple and easy operation

Apart from all the technical benefits our easydriver pro and easydriver basic models offer for your caravanning holidays, easy operation still is a major issue. Therefore our engineers at REICH thought of a remote control offering far more than just haptic convenience.

Everything under control

Safe and by intuition, as a fan of our easydriver system you will control every single function easily negotiating the tighest turns – even though it might get rough or steep. Wet grass or muddy underground?

No problem at all for a real easydriver: the system will safely negotiate every possible surface – including soft start and stop via the respective Softstart and Softstop functions.

Push button to engage

The easydriver pro may be engaged electrically by simply pressing a button. On top of that the remote will provide you with a feedback on the system status.

You may thus simply enjoy the freedom of moving big objects. And, of course, your vacation.

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