Now for Android and iOS-devices – the easydriver app control

We have developed new solutions which make manoeuvring with your easydriver even easier. In fact, with our app control you can easily and precisely manoeuvre your mobile home to fit every gap, no matter how tight, at the touch of a button using a smartphone or a tablet.

Download for free – for Android and iOS:

The corresponding app controller for retrofitting can be bought at a reputable dealer of your choice.
Smart driving ahead
Do you have an easydriver basic or easydriver pro from the model year 2016? Then you can manoeuvre immediately with the smart tour guide. Of course, our easydriver manoeuvring aids can be smart controlled before the model year 2016. Besides the easydriver app and the app controller, you also require a software update to the electronics box.
In future you can then head off on your well-deserved holiday with even better smart technology with your easydriver pro or basic. We hope you have a lot of fun with precise manoeuvring, turning and rotating on the spot at the touch of a button, while we have already begun working on the next smart solutions for your most beautiful days of the year at our easy driver ideas factory.

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