Make heavy things light

People going on holiday with a caravan usually have a lot of things to take along. You can now do without the heavy battery and the charger for the manoeuvring drive. We have developed a light-weight energy alternative, the Mobility Power Pack (MPP), as an add-on to our easydriver manoeuvring drives to make your holiday much easier.

This little power pack, based on the latest lithium/ion technology, replaces a 75 Ah lead/acid battery plus charger and only weighs approximately 2 kg. In comparison, just the battery of a conventional power set weighs approximately 25 kg. This leaves the question: what can the MPP do in real life?

Energy-charged power pack

Imagine that you would have to move your caravan with a total weight of 1,600 kg. The MPP and the Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver pro or basic allow you to manoeuvre it for at least 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the situation. Thereafter, simply recharge the MPP using the network adapter supplied, the 13-pin  connector and the generator of the towing vehicle, a solar panel or a fuel cell. The Mobility Power Pack will soon be ready for the next task.

The lifespan of the MPP is up to 10 years or 2,000 charging cycles and during this time it will work together with your easydriver manoeuvring drive to move into even the tightest parking space

The MPP therefore clearly surpasses the lead heavyweights with regard to service life and even complies with the strict requirements of the UN standard for transport safety.

Would you like to get more information? Click here for a comprehensive description of all the Opens internal link in current windowtechnical details.

Mobility power pack

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