Let’s go to Caravan Salon 2016

CS 2016: Even more ground clearance and increased corrosion protection

We are in fantastic spirits and ready to go. And there is a special reason. Because we are really looking forward to meeting you, to answer your questions in person and to experience an exciting trade fair together with you. In Hall 13 of the Caravan Salon you will directly come across our comfortable easydriver booth A47. .

The perfect opportunity to try out the new easydriver app for our manoeuvring systems. And our easydriver pro and basic models will impress you with two new features. We are increasing our ground clearance by an additional 8 mm. This feat is achieved by a mounting device which saves an additional 2% of system weight. In addition, assembly can be carried out by one person. This way, the easydriver manoeuvring system is perfectly attached to your caravan in even less time and the new tour with manoeuvring comfort can begin in a snap.

Extra-Plus prevents corrosion

If you have looked closely, you have most certainly notices that the purpose of manoeuvring system housings mostly consists in covering corrosion. Not so with easydriver pro and easydriver basic. Here, a specially developed high-tech materials at the gear and drive roller housing ensure that no corrosion will form.

And we have expanded the easydriver corrosion protection to the mounting frame of easydriver pro and basic as well. Using a new manufacturing process called zinc thick film passivation, the mounting frame is perfectly protected against corrosion: The corrosion protection of the steel parts is increased three-fold.

What else is going on around easydriver? We’ll tell you, at the Caravan Salon from 27 August to 04 September 2016 in Düsseldorf.

See you there.

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