Guter Rat – ganz einfach

The sun in the blue sky shines down with all its might. If you’ve hitched your caravan, you’ll feel that thrill of anticipation:

It’ll soon be time to set off!

And just like Josef in our forum on, there are others who are probably asking themselves: “Which manoeuvring system should I opt for? Our caravan weighs 1,600 kg. Would the Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver pro 1.8 be the right choice, or perhaps Opens internal link in current windowthe 2.3 might be better?”

For this weight, the easydriver pro 1.8 is absolutely fine. A little bonus tip: You should avoid pushing it to the limit in terms of load. For instance, if the caravan weighs 1,800, the immediately obvious option here might appear to be the 1.8. However, if any extra load is to be added, the easydriver pro 2.3 variant is recommended. Just to be on the safe side. Incidentally, this manoeuvring system is also available in the Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver basic 2.3 variant. In contrast to easydriver pro, here the swing-and-engage action is not effected electrically at the press of a button, but is provided as a competitively priced alternative activated by means of a crank handle or cordless screwdriver.

Secure installation assured

Whichever easydriver manoeuvring system you opt for to manoeuvre your caravan into place this lovely summer season: You should entrust installation to a specialist dealer. Our Opens internal link in current windowDirectory of Specialist Dealers provides a simple overview. You can thus also opt to extend your warranty for five years.

On your way and charged with energy

So that the easydriver can fully leverage its strengths, it needs a powerful source of energy – like the Mobility-Power-Pack (MPP). Forum member and easydriver fan “Kekisa” has also opted for this lithium ion technology, and asked us the following question on “How long does it actually take for the MPP to re-charge while en route?”

The Opens internal link in current windowMobility-Power-Pack receives a three to four amp charge via corresponding inputs. Depending upon how heavily it was used, it takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to charge completely.


Attention to technical detail

Udo wanted to also know more about how to attach the conventional battery to his easydriver basic 1.8: “Do I need pole caps or do they come with the battery cable? And to what extent is the remote switch an alternative to the isolating switch? Isn’t the isolating switch simply a kind of emergency shut down control?

The cables that connect the battery have ring cable lugs attached. Pole caps are not included in the package contents. The easydriver basic 1.8 variant comes with a battery isolating switch as standard. A remote switch is available as an optional accessory. This can be used as an “extension”, ideally being fitted in the door area. Neither switch is intended as an emergency shut down control. They ensure that the manoeuvring system cannot be accidentally operated. They also prevent so-called leakage currents that cause the battery to discharge more rapidly.

For any further questions that you may have: Opens internal link in current windowAsk our easydriver team.

Have a fabulous holiday!

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